More than anything this website is a simple, creative outlet.  It’s a techy escape from the daily grind and rigors of the work week.  When away from my desk, I like to be on my bike in the great outdoors or behind the lens - preferably both.

Mountain Biking:

Dirt Rag, Issue 130, August 2007, Rider’s Eye section, page 105.

Mountain Bike Magazine, November 2008, Trail Mix section, page 34.

MountainFlyer Magazine, March 7 2017, “Sustainable Trails Coalition Garners New Sponsor For Legislation.”


Anthony P. Harasimowicz

  1. 1.Sons of Apollo - MMXX

  2. 2.Helloween - United Alive in Madrid

  3. 3.Helloween - Straight out of Hell

  4. 4.Tool - Fear Inoculum

  5. 5.Megadeth - Warheads on Foreheads

  6. 6.Dream Theater - Distance Over Time

  7. 7.Judas Priest - Firepower

  8. 8.Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls: Live

  9. 9.Trivium - The Sin and the Sentence

  10. 10. King Diamond - Fatal Portrait

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